About Us:

We are young company thrive in fast-paced environments, have an eye for detail and are committed to establishing tangible business and brand objectives.

Facilitating market targeting processes, supporting business expansion initiatives, coordinating meetings with internal stakeholders and managing industry events. With experience in all marketing, digital, communications, development and engineering or any other disciplines, we have the industry understanding, insight, latest technology technical resources and experts. Moreover, we have energetic team to develop your business signicantly.

When you work with us, it’s all about results. Achieving results means focusing on generating opportunities with the right decision makers, it’s not all about creds or pitches, but it’s about establishing a relationship and engaging with the right decision makers.

Our work continues to ensure you make the most of each opportunity.

We maintain the rapport you’ve established and relentlessly focus on next steps to help progress opportunities .

We represent you daily to help you create, develop and implement an ongoing development program focusing on winning business.


To make VTech the place of choice, become the most trusted management consulting and business development ­rm in the Middle East.

People           | We strive to improve employee engagement and company performance in all our work with clients.

Portfolio        | Bring to the world a portfolio of Business Development that anticipate and satisfy company’s desires and needs.

Jordan           | Be responsible citizens that make a di‑erence by helping build and support sustainable community.

Productivity  | Be a highly e‑ective, lean and fast-moving organization.


VTech is dedicated to delivering eective, ecient, respectful business development services with the integrity and accountability using both proven and innovative solutions.
VTech Customizes solutions to help organizations realize their ambitions, address their specic needs and exploit opportunities for growth.